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Scholarship Application Form


The Andreas Proimos Scholarship offers $4,000 in scholarships over a four-year period. We select applicants who best demonstrate love of God and the Orthodox Christian Faith through service, scholarship, leadership, and practical citizenship in their church, school, and community. The Andreas Proimos Scholarship seeks to promote Hellenism and Orthodoxy through its members and their families into the greater Community.

Application packages must be received no later than May 15, 2023, at 5pm CST. We will adhere strictly to the application deadline.


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Picture of you now - Accepted file formats are .png, .jpg, and .jpeg

Pictures submitted should follow these guidelines(These will be used in your Alumni profile):

  • Good Examples to follow: Yearbook, Graduation, or Prom Pictures of only you
  • Must be centered in picture
  • Preportions should roughly match the sample image depicted
Example for good image submission

In which Parish are you an active member?

SS. Constantine and Helen (Merrillville, IN)

St. Iakovos (Valparaiso, IN)

Assumption (Hegewisch) (Chicago, IL)

St George (Schererville, IN)

St. Andrew (South Bend, IN)


Letter of good standing from a church. - Accepted file formats are .doc, docx, and .pdf

In which Programs are you a member of the church?


Greek School


Sunday School


Fundraiser volunteer


Educational Information

Graduation Date

List any scholastic honors or distinctions received in high school

Please add any Extra-Curricular/Community Service you have done in the last year

Upload a copy of Highschool Transcripts - Accepted file formats are .doc, docx, and .pdf

College Goals

Upload a copy of a letter of acceptance from a College/University - Accepted file formats are .doc, docx, and .pdf

Work Information

Please list any work experience over the last four (4) years

Family Information

Are you the first person in your family to go to college?



Name of Mother

Name of Father

Personal Statement

Upload two Personal Statements (maximum 750 words each, [2-3 typed pages], double spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font), which must include a response to each one of the below prompts. Please type the prompt at the top of each document.

1. A short essay on how belonging to your Greek Orthodox Church has contributed to your development. (about 500 words)

Upload How belonging to your Greek Orthodox Church has contributed to your development - Accepted file formats are .doc, docx, and .pdf

2. What are your personal aspirations? (about 250 words)

Upload your personal aspirations - Accepted file formats are .doc, docx, and .pdf

Three Letters of Recommendation

1. Letter of recommendation from someone outside of church community. - Accepted file formats are .doc, docx, and .pdf

2. Letter of recommendation from a member of your church parish. - Accepted file formats are .doc, docx, and .pdf

3. Letter of recommendation from a community leader or teacher. - Accepted file formats are .doc, docx, and .pdf

Full Name of Applicant

Date Signed by Applicant

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